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Strathmore Trial this weekend


We went down to Strathmore this weekend and judged the OPen on Friday. Sheesh, it was cold and rainy with a huge wind. I actually stopped the trial for about an hour because I wanted the throwers to come in and warm up. But, we got it done. Marg Murray won, Don Pollock(FTCH Clubmead’s Trapper Jack) got second. Dan danforth got third and Marg’s other dog got fourth. Nice day, Dan and Laura put on a real nice trial and we wanted for nothing as far as that goes.

Did the Qualifying today and all my dogs ran like crap. Cooped up in the truck for 2 days straight may do that, but no excuses. Dash and Piper got through with no handles for green. Dottie was being an airhead and handled on 2 birds in the water marks. Oh well, they gave her an undeserved green too. We are back home now. One sick pup on the truck but hopefully just an upset tummy.

That’s all for now. Our trial is next weekend./stu

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