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FTCH AFTCH Clubmeads Trapper Jack QFTR

labrador retriever and man kneeling on grass with blue ribbon awards
Don and Trapper

Hi Folks,
I am very pleased that Stu and Diana Mead have provided a forum that allows people like myself to tell our story. I have spent over fifty years in the business of breeding/training and competing Labrador Retrievers in licensed field trials in Canada and the USA.
While we no longer breed dogs we are still very active in the training and the competing of retrievers.
It is ironic that Diana and Stu bought their very first Labrador Retriever from our kennel (Lacombe Kennels) over forty years ago. Their pup was a natural competitor and Stu and Diana were soon hooked on field trials . They went on to produce some of the most competitive dogs in North America. As a breeder I was always impressed at the length their kennel would go to to get their females bred to the very best sires. They literally upped the bench mark for other breeders.

One thing I knew for sure was when you purchased a “Clubmead” pup you knew it would be sound/very well bred and very well socialized.

A couple years ago it was time for me to start another pup as my competitive dog was starting to age out . I phoned the Meads and asked them to pick me out a breeding and then select me a male puppy. I could have selected a breeding anywhere in Canada or the USA as I know a lot about pedigrees and genetics regarding Labrador Retrievers. However, “Trust “in a breeder trumps all the knowledge you might think you have. There are many so called breeders that have hung out a shingle and claim to have high Labrador Retriever knowledge when in fact they know very little.

At seven weeks when the pups were ready to go I showed up at the Meads and Diana selected a pup for me. She knew what I wanted in a pup and she delivered. I never asked why did you pick this pup out? I knew she watched her pups every day and knew their different personalities . Trying to figure out the best pup on a one shot deal is a waste of time. I left with my new pup ” Clubmeads Trapper Jack ”

Trapper was a great student with immense desire to retrieve. He reminded me of that old saying.
“It is fast horses that make good jockeys”.
Yes ,Trapper has made me look good at field trials. I have trained many retrievers over the past fifty years and have made fifteen field trial champions including a Canadian National Amateur Champion. I have been blessed with many amazing retrievers and for this I thank the breeders for their understanding and dedication.

I believe that Trapper may well be the best retriever that I have ever trained. On top of all that he is a big 90 pound handsome specimen with style and pizzazz. Trapper is very well behaved and loves everyone —even the feral cats sleep with him and eat his food.

Trapper was the high point junior dog in Alberta as well as the high point all age retriever last year. By the age of three he had acquired all his field trial titles. He completed six series in his first National competition before he was two years old. He also went nine series in the last two Nationals. He is now hitting his stride and will be a force at all the upcoming competitions. Beyond competing he is an amazing hunting dog and picks up many birds every hunting season.

In closing I want to say if you are thinking about buying a pup you have come to the right place.

Don Pollock
March, 2020

Clubmeads Trapper Jack Labrador Retriever male
FTCH AFTCH Clubmeads Trapper Jack QFTR

Thanks for the kind words Don. It’s been a pleasure to watch you and Trapper succeed. I also thank you for introducing us to the sport with our first field trial dog ‘Lacombes Bud The Spud’ in 1984.  She was my best hunting dog I think I ever had.

Stuart Mead

Trapper is available for stud. Contact us and we can forward Don’s contact info.