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Clubmeads Carnivore Cruz for sale.

Club Mead Labradors Cruz

Clubmeads Carnivore Cruz

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Cruz is ready to move on to a new home for his 3rd birthday where he can work for his own special person. He is trained to a qualifying level and has a win and multiple finishes in Canada. He has completed a senior hunt test and could certainly challenge a master. He’s been hunting pheasant and thought he had gone to heaven for the weekend. Cruz is very steady and handles nicely. He is an extremely personable dog that wants to be with you. He would prefer to be a house dog, lol. Cruz has an outstanding pedigree and all his clearances. Come spend some time and meet him. See how he works and if he’s the right fit for you. Please PM for price. Currently training in Texas.
Check our Youtube Channel for 3 vids of Cruz…

Club Mead Labrador Cruz
Club Mead Labradors Cruz


  1. shane taylor

    do you ever have retired dogs for sale? we have been looking for an older dog,because we are getting a tad on the older side and don’t think we will be around to raise a dog for 15 years we have owned labs for 50 years and just had to put our last buddy down a year and a half ago its hard not to have a dog with us,we do lots of fishing not so much hunting since my buddy has gone. but I just thought I would ask you if you do or know of breeders that do sell their retired dogs thx shane

    • Stu Mead

      Yes, we sometimes sell our girls when they are done breeding. Usually that will be around 7 years old and they still have lots of life left. They all have a ton of training and most have been actively field trialed.

  2. Wilma Campbell

    Hello Stu,
    I came across your website and can’t believe how beautiful your Labs are. I have been looking all over the web and your Labs I find to be the most beautiful and outstanding. I am looking for a really nice female black lab for a companion and family pet. I have owned and raised 3 Labs from pups.
    I am very active and do a lot of hiking and walking and miss having a Lab around to share those activities with.
    Please send me an email with what I would expect to pay for one of your pups. I am not on social media. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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