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Dash has a litter on the way!!

The pic on top is Dash. She has been bred to our male, Cruz. Both of these dogs are under 3 years old and regularly finishing qualifyings this summer. Dash has a couple placings and 3-4 greens. Cruz has finished 4 of the last 6 he has ran in for some greens. He won the last Qualifying he ran in this summer. Pups due Oct 3 or so. These are two really nice dogs and they are in active training on the truck./stu



  1. Barbara Scurfield

    Your dogs are beautiful. I really like the long legged Labradors. I have had several over my life. I recently helped my adult son with his puppy. I am older now ( 63) and while I do not have the energy that I used to have I loved being with my son’s dog. I am now considering a dog for me. While I understand that Labs like kids and a family situation, this would be a companion for me. I probably have one more puppy/ dog in me. I do not have grandchildren at this time but god willing I will one day and I need a dog that I can trust with small children and other people. I do not plan on hunting or participating in competitions. I am looking for a great pet who likes to retrieve, swim and walk. My female Katie was an amazing animal. Our male was more needy and liked to wander. I would prefer a female.I understand that I might not be the client you are looking for.

  2. Louise Brunes

    We are looking for a female, or male black lab possibly one you are retiring from breeding .We had a beautiful black lab that passed away from a very enlarged heart was too advanced to do any repairs , that was June 2020 . Our lives have not been the same , we live in the country, I am retired , hubby next May ,we are very active walk 4 -5 mls daily ,our dog Charlie was alway with us fishing canoeing or just chilling at home . Hope to hear from you about details if poss and cost … sincerely Louise

  3. Kandy

    Good Morning. Very interested to learn how to adopt a black lab from you. My parents Have always had labs and I’m just so fond of them.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Rand Petersen

    I have seen no updates for a long time, are you still in business and will you have a litter in the spring of 2024?

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