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Exciting News For 2021

Labrador retriever holding pheasant

We Are Increasing Our Media Content!

Greetings! Frigging pandemic, yuck, enough already. Not only has it been going on for a year but people are totally sick of it.(pardon the pun) Our business is in the tank as are tons of others but we hope to pull through all this and get out the other side. At least the vaccines are here. I’ll get one as soon as I can but the politics of everything to do with them is astounding. Anyway, enough about that.

So what’s so exciting?

I sit here and ponder how I can make this site more exciting and useful for people. I’ve been kind of lax on blog posting so please forgive me. It’s been a weird year. I shall try to post more often. We’ve sold quite a few pups this year and one of the most common questions we get is about training.

Now, I’ve posted some blog posts regarding training but this year I am going to embark on a huge undertaking of supplying complete training courses on just about everything from starting your puppy to advanced field training. I do have a YouTube channel going but have been researching on how to break free of the restrictions involved with that type of hosted videos.

I now have set up my own video shop so I can freely embed videos on this site with no ads or restrictions of any kind. For instance, one of my YouTube vids had a radio playing in the background and I got tagged for not having Copyright permission to play “Satisfaction” in my video. I mean, SERIOUSLY? I have imbibed in some serious software which I am working my way through but a sample vid is displayed below demonstrating a basic embed from it. Once we get totally set up, we will have a ‘members area’ with literally hundreds of hours of training videos on everything from basic puppy and upwards. I may include podcasts and text articles, PDF’s, whatever we can think of to increase value and simplicity so we can share our knowledge with our clients and anyone else who wishes to view the material.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please add to the discussion below. I welcome everything. All the best this year as we work our way into spring!

Bye for now, enjoy this video..

The above video is a heeling stick demo. The one underneath is of Lady learning the back pile.


  1. Joel

    I am looking forward to checking out the training videos. I would like to see one on walking at heel as well, focusing on preventing leash pulling and ranging away while in the field.

    • Stu Mead

      Hi Joel,
      I will be adding videos of everything under the sun including lots of what you just asked. We will have a very busy summer documenting everything. I am looking forward to addressing training in a visual and contextual way so people can see how to do it. I will also try whenever possible, to show how we fix problems or address different problems as we go along. This will be like no other training course available anywhere. I may even have guest trainers join in once in a while. The initial puppy course will be free for all to view and see. I may charge a nominal membership fee later on to access everything. One, to keep the treehuggers out, and two, to help address the costs of time, technology and material. Oh, while I am at it, we will have a small storefront to sell some popular training items. This project will take an estimated year to get up and how much effort we put in depends on the ongoing demand or popularity of everything. I’m up for it! Thanks!

      • Holly Cliffe

        Hi Stu
        I have one of Ubers pups, so I’ve started following your blogs. I am a social media director so I know social channels, blogging, e-blast etc really well. What I can suggest to you is that there is a great “shopping” space you can set up on your Facebook page. It’s probly simpler than setting up an e-com page on your website and def cheaper.

        I am looking forward to your puppy class. My guy (Club Meads Jasper II) is learning very fast. He is a great boy.


  2. Tom Joyce

    Looking forward to seeing the training videos. Hopefully some puppy ones soon so we can do proper training when the puppy comes home.

    • Stu Mead

      We will be working on them very soon. I am working through my software suite now to get the site up and going ready to put material in. I will send out notifications once I get something going! Thanks for your interest!!

  3. Debora cadene

    I am very much looking forward to the upcoming training videos as well! I’m sure many folks will be watching for the next message ,telling us you are ready to roll!

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