Labrador Retrievers

Black Lab running with duck for field trail hunting dog. Club Mead Labrador Training
Clubmeads Dot Marks The Spot QFTR(Dottie)2019
black Labrador Retriever puppy | Club Mead Labradors
A Clubmead Future Champion
Black Black award winning dog sitting with ribbons | Club Mead Labradors
AFTCH Clubmead's Ms Kate Black(May 2019)

We breed outstanding quality Labrador Retrievers that do what they were designed for, RETRIEVING!!!!!! What you will find here are the most athletic and talented Labradors available today. Are we better than any other competent field trial breeder? Nope. Well, maybe. You buy a dog from us and you get our 35+ years of experience and selections. The dog is the dog. It’s the breeder who makes the difference. Check out our ‘About Us’ page for more info.There are a lot of good people doing great things with the breed all over North America. We consider ourselves to be among them and do our best to bring you the best the breed has to offer. A quality bred dog such as these bring a lot to the table. They are selected for health, intelligence, trainability and physical prowess. A Field Trial Champion is a title that is earned by a lot of hard work over several years both by the trainer and the special dog that can do that outstanding level of work. A Field Trial is a retrieving competition at the highest level. Do these dogs NEED to Field Trial to be great? Of course not. They can be and are; law enforcement dogs(drugs, bombs, dead bodies, pipeline sniffers), hunting dogs, hunt test dogs, obedience, agility, pets, buddies, pals, etc, etc……you get the point. The average lifespan of our dogs is 12-14 years old. Some last longer, others less.

We have produced many many Field Trial Champions both in Canada and the USA. Our kennel name is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. For many years Labrador Retriever breeding has been a passion of ours.

As proud Labrador Retriever Breeders, here are some of our award winning dogs we have produced:

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