Our Dogs

I have not yet taken the time to fully add all the info to this page that eventually will be here. So many things to do and this is a brand new site. Until then, check out and subscribe to our blog and check our Facebook page for current events in our life. I’ll get back to this page this fall./stu

Happy Black Lab standing on grass | Club Mead Labradors | Breeding and Training



This is Ivan. I owned and trained him. We have easy access to him for breeding.

Head shot of black Labrador sitting in meadow | Club Mead Labradors



This Dash. She is finishing and placing in the Qualifying regularly these days. She’s just been bred to our dog, Cruz. Stay tuned for litter info or check our Facebook page./Aug 15, 2019

Our Puppies

black Labrador Retriever puppy | Club Mead Labradors

Info pending.

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