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Retriever Training and Website Updates

Black Labrador with Blue Ribbon

Hi all,

This pandemic really hit us by surprise like it did everyone. The spring of 2020 witnessed the decline of our boarding kennel business like never before. We wound up laying off staff etc and actually got down to 1 dog in the kennel, twice. And the rest wasn’t great either.

However, we persevered and the breeding end really picked up as people started looking for pets on a grand scale. 

I personally was forced to give up trialing and training for a while to take care of the boarding kennel.  Also, we restructured a few things to get ready for retirement should business ever pick up again. Luckily it has and we are getting ready to get active training again.

We have decided to focus on the dogs a bit more now. The boarding kennel is cooking along great but it’ll be sold some year in the future. After that, we’ll settle in on the farm and carry on doing this.

We are participating in sponsoring the Canadian National Retriever Championship now and will continue doing that.

It’s been a while since I had time to update this site so in the near future expect a lot of changes and improvements.

Our dog beds are doing great, check the store to see what that’s about. I also am building dog crates which will be there also. I built a new shop this summer to make more room for my welding shop and it’ll be ready to move in to soon.

Another improvement will be we are adding pups and litters to our storefront. It’s easy to throw stuff up on Facebook but not quite so easy to edit website material on a daily basis. However, adding product items to the store is not too involved so we’ll try that.

More training vids will be added as I can make them. Mostly next spring.

I am trying a new format next year. After 10 years of doing Texas every winter I am sick of driving all over the continent. So, I sent a couple of my trial dogs with Dan Danforth for training and trialing. Dan and I are essentially on the same page training wise so it’s a seamless integration. That frees me up to stay home and drill basics in young dogs.

I will be starting at least 5 in the spring. Basics are the most important aspect of a dog’s retriever training. It takes a good 5 months to install all the tools and experience into a pup so he/she can get on to all the advanced training.

I will also be taking a few field trial prospects to work with. Seeing as how I won’t need to be running all over the place, I will have time to get these pups going.

I will be hiring an assistant so if anyone knows somebody, send them my way. Drop in training will be available too starting May1/24.

Keep checking back in as things start to happen around here again! Cheers!


  1. Bob Simpson

    Hey Stu. Glad to see you are back ( but I guess you never really left) from a hiatus! Sargeant comes two this Dec 29 and is a fine example of your excellent breeding of trial dogs. He needs work with birds, guns and beginning handling. I have held back on advanced training until he gains maturity and I believe 2024 is the year to start moving him forward. I am interested in your summer program and maybe the assistant role if you want a senior helping out? If not I maybe able to help elsewhere. Give me a call. Diana has my number.

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