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Let us know how we are doing or what we can do to make your experience on our site more enjoyable. Give us some feedback. We’d love to hear about your Labrador Retrievers too!

Great Puppy

5.0 rating
January 6, 2021

So professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend Club Mead. Our pup was flown to us in a very easy transaction to the United States. He’s (Johnny Cash) is smart, handsome and learning quickly.

David Gray

Response from Club Mead Labradors

Thanks David. We are really happy he’s working out for you! Pleasure doing business.

Healthy, driven, trainable, good looking dogs.

5.0 rating
June 9, 2020

After posting on Alberta Outdoorsmen forum about working Labradors in Canada I had several people recommend Club Mead. I had planned to visit a few breeders in Alberta, Saskatchewan and one in Manitoba, but after meeting Stu and Diana I knew we found a trustwothy breeder producing what we were looking for. After asking what I wanted, my family situation and a few other questions, Diana selected a pup she thought would be a good fit. She nailed it! My wife and kids often comment about how lucky we are to have such a perfect dog. My hunting and training partners are probably even more impressed with him. At 7 weeks and 1 day he would retrieve anything he could lift. He has been birdy since he saw a bird. He’s a little over a year old now and has tolerated my first time amateur training exceptionally well. Stu and Diana are more than the type of people you want to do business with. The are passionate and driven while being generous, humble and helpful. They made us feel like family from day 1.

Phil Cross

Response from Club Mead Labradors

Thanks Phil. We appreciate it./Stu

I just don’t know how it could have been a better experience!

5.0 rating
April 11, 2020

After having owned, hunted with, and trialed GSPs in years gone by, I decided to make the jump to a Lab. After having heavily researched breeders in Canada, I reached out to the Meads. That was the start of what has been a wonderful experience. They were very patient with me, and accommodating of my many questions. The pup they chose for me turned out to be an absolutely perfect match for what I was hoping for… a big, hard charging male who would also be a nice member of our family. How can one ask for more? Our little boy Chief (85lbs of chiseled muscle), absolutely lives to hunt and train. Put the collar on him and he transforms from quiet couch potato, to a heat seeking missile who launches himself into heavy cover, and cold water like nothing I have ever seen. Last year was a total blast. He went three for three getting his junior title in one weekend, earning many, many compliments. More importantly to me, he performed like an old pro in the goose fields. By the end of the season, he was routinely marking triples, remembering where the birds went down better than me and my hunting partners.
My favorite memories will be of him marking wounded geese go down clean across a quarter section, and bringing them back like an old pro. Watching your pup leap into the air and snatch down a 12 lb angry honker like he was catching a fly ball is something I will always cherish. Last fall he retrieved well over 200 geese and ducks. The fellows I hunted with all said that there favorite part of the hunt was watching the dog grow by leaps and bounds each trip. To see a dog flourish like that, has been beyond rewarding, and the highlight of my sporting life.
As I have immersed myself in learning about these wonderful dogs, it is pretty apparent that Stu and Diana are not your run of the mill dog breeders, and none of their litters are by chance. They breed dogs taking into consideration individual traits, strengths of lines, and of course health clearances, sparing no expense in the process, all for providing incredible dogs that further the breed. As a result, you will see their kennel name littered throughout the pedigrees of the top dogs in the field trial world, including having one of the dogs they bred win the 2005 National Field Championship (the Super Bowl for retrievers), and be enshrined in the Retriever Hall of Fame in 2014. No other breeder in Canada can make that claim. I also can attest to their skills as trainers, having had them work with my dog for a short period. I couldn’t have been more please with the progress they made, and how they treated my pup as one of their own. I have spent time at their training grounds, and believe me, it is impressive.
I guess you can tell, I am a huge fan. I have recommended them to a number of people who have ended up buying pups from them, and they would certainly echo what I have said.
In closing, if you are looking for a purpose bred Labrador Retriever with drive, intelligence, and tractability, that will also lay down on the couch at your feet, I have full confidence in saying your search should begin and end with Club Mead Labradors. They are that good.

Shane Symyrozum

Response from Club Mead Labradors

Thanks Shane. No doubt Chief will be with you for many years. Thank you for the kind words. All we do is keep plugging away but the great dogs make it easier. /Stu

My first ClubMead puppy

5.0 rating
April 4, 2020

I’ve always known about ClubMead Labradors, but could never have imagined I’d actually become part of the family. Stu and Diana’s reputation for breeding top of the line, performance retrievers, speaks volumes in their dedication on continuing to better the breed. There are hundreds of highly accomplished, and multi-titled dogs, scattered clear across the country, in every registered and non registered venue that you can think of. These folks don’t just Talk the Talk, they actually Walk the Talk. For me, that is a big deal.
I picked up my first ClubMead puppy a few weeks ago. This little girl is out of Croc and Ruby and I couldn’t be happier with her. She is drop dead gorgeous, and smart as a whip. Diana was an absolute pleasure to work with, and never missed a single beat with all my questions via text, phone or email. I had complete confidence in her choosing the puppy that would fit me the best, and although I have only had her a few weeks, Maisyn is an absolutely PERFECT fit for me and my crew.
Thank you both so very much. I’m really looking forward to the journey with this little girl.
Debbie Cadene
Atikokan, ON

Debora Cadene

Response from Club Mead Labradors

Thank you Debbie, we appreciate the kind words./Diana

The Legend

5.0 rating
April 4, 2020

From a getting our first Choc lab from Bower lake Kennels in MB. I was always told about a couple from AB that great people and ran great dogs. At one trial we meet Stu and Diana and from there we knew that people were right. He was is a living legend just didn’t appreciate at the time. Years later we got a dog named Oscar and as soon as i found out Stu and Diana where able to take him and train him we jumped on the chance for it to happen. They got everything out of him that they could and wow just wow is he a good boy in the field and in the home. That’s why i call Stu a legend he does stuff with the dogs that takes time and knowledge of years of being in the game.
Thank you Stu and Diana

Rob and Chandra McDougald

Response from Club Mead Labradors

Thanks Rob. Oscar is a very good boy and was a pleasure to have around. I miss him./stu