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The Place Where The Retriever Training Happens

A Developing Man Made Pond

This pond is on our property in central Alberta. I’ve been working on it for about 4 years. It used to be a peat bog but after a million yards or so of displaced dirt, we are now able to train retrievers on it and in it. We are still working on it and hopefully get a great winter snowfall so it will fill up in the spring.

A Beautiful Summer Evening

Here’s another pic of the same pond in the evening from another angle. It provides some big swims for the dogs and we can do pretty much all training concepts on it.

My Custom Dog Training Rig

I had this custom dog box built by a local metal shop so we don’t have to tear up our grounds driving the dog trucks all over the place. It’s great because we can access training spots that we can’t get the trucks into.

Drone Shot Looking Out Back

This is looking north over the back of our property. Lots of great dog training out there too. We’ve got 160 acres here and many adjoining properties to use as well.