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Typical Double T with a young dog

Stu Mead standing next to award winning black lab

This is a little dog named Oscar. At the time of this video, which was shot early spring in Texas, he was about 12-13 months old. For all those who have seen videos of pros doing their thing and noticed the dogs never do anything wrong, this may be of interest. The video is unedited and Oscar wasn’t having a really brilliant day. He just seemed lazy and wasn’t really in to it. They do get that way sometimes on drills especially if we are really in to training and writing a lot of info into their heads.Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to post this and embed it on this blog to get going on things. I will have much more to come later./stu


  1. Rob McDougald

    Thanks for all your hard work you did with Oscar. Thanks again and look forward to more videos of other young dogs that you are training.

  2. Stu Mead

    I try to ad videos as much as I can but it’s hard when I am the whole production staff and the trainer at the same time. My GoPro on my hat gets lots of use. Check my Youtube Channel for those…:)

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