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Do you breed chocolate or yellow?

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  • ┬áNo, we predominantly breed blacks, not chocolate or yellow. Statistically speaking, your chances of winning a field trial are much greater running a black lab. The gene and talent pool for blacks is so much larger.
  • As a performance breeder, we focus on trainability, natural talent, physical prowess, and temperament. Color is irrelevant to us so naturally that means black is dominant.
  • From a breeding standpoint, the recessive color genes have a higher chance of genetic problems, especially if the dogs are continually bred color to color without reverting back to black every second generation or so. Simply put, black dogs are cleaner genetically and have fewer health issues.
  • As a result of our breeding only black, we have not seen any genetic problems for years.
  • Refer to our blog, ‘Lab Talk’ for a more in depth explanation of our breeding practices, to be published soon. I’ll be addressing many issues about breeding.




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