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Do you have a screening process to buy a pup?

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We assume if you’ve driven all the way out to our place and are willing to spend good money for a top quality registered purebred Labrador Retriever, then you’ll more than likely love it and take care of it/her/him. That’s pretty much it. Diana spends a lot of time with buyers and gets a feel for what they want and like. Because you are investing in us as a breeder as well as the puppy, it usually works out just fine. We don’t use check marks on a list to qualify anyone.

I disqualified one potential buyer years ago. The government of Saudi Arabia called me one day. Yes, it was true. They wanted me to supply them with quantities of bomb dogs. Their idea of a bomb dog was to not only to sniff out bombs but to be the unfortunate animal that diffuses it, or trips it. They wanted me to raise whole litters to 10 months old at which time they would select the ones they wanted and give me a price for them well below my going rate for 7 week old pups. They wanted no training whatsoever on them.

I respectfully declined.

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