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Health Guarantee.

If you would like a health guarantee on paper, we’ll give you one. The normal hip and eye guarantee to two years old is normal. However, we do much more than that. Read on…

If you would like a guarantee on paper, we’ll give you one.  It’s 2 years hips and eyes replacement. That’s a normal guarantee we’ve used for years. We use OFA for certification so that’s what we recommend. However, we’ve been breeding for so long and are so confident in our breeding program that we offer something we feel is much better.

1. You will not find a person that we’ve not helped if they had a genuine health problem with their puppy.

2. I can honestly say we’ve replaced less than 5 puppies in the last 30 years.

Here’s how we generally address this issue. If you’re not happy with your pup for any reason, ANY REASON, we will help you. If it’s a non health related issue we can discuss and help re-homing your pet to a more suitable home. If it’s a training issue, we can discuss solutions to that. If it’s a bonafide genetic issue, we will discuss any and all options with you to try to resolve the situation.

Replacing a dog is a horrible thing for a dog owner. Your pet is a family member and you love him/her. It can be devastating to own a pet that may be suffering or unable to live a happy normal life. We know, we’ve been through it many times with pups we’ve bought from other breeders. That’s why we try to breed the cleanest bloodlines that we can. But, if it happens, we can do many things, a replacement, money back or simply help to understand that perhaps it may not be a problem at all, but an expectation issue or misunderstanding. It’s complicated.

I don’t dwell on health issues. That’s not because we’re not aware of them. Quite the opposite. We know all about CNM, EIC , and all the other ailments of today. We were around before most of them were discovered or became mainstream. For instance, Dr. Sue Taylor, who developed the test for EIC bought a dog from us years ago before that came along. FTCH AFTCH Clubmeads Autumn Breeze. We keep an eye on all that stuff but don’t feel we need to bring it to the forefront for everyone to see. That’s our job as professional breeders. It used to be that the only thing we had to worry about was bad hips. Then along came eyes. Then along came everything else. As I’ve stated before, we are a performance breeder. We tolerate a balance of the things our breed is susceptible to without cutting the gene pool of the talent it can provide. When we see something pop up, we deal with it. Generally the dogs are healthier genetically than years ago but keep this in mind. 35 years ago we didn’t know about EIC and CNM. Now we do and that’s great. What don’t we know about today?

We do all the pertinent genetic and physical testing required to know what we’ve got. All our breeding dogs have the required clearances.

That’s why we just deal with any health issues as they might pop up and don’t want you to worry about them when you buy a pup from us. We’ve been here a long time and have our eye on the ball. We will deal with them with you. That’s our reputation and guarantee.

Here’s a few thoughts on paper health guarantees:

  • A health guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if your breeder isn’t there to help you later on. Know who you are buying from.
  • A health guarantee should not be used as a sales pitch to inspire confidence, because that’s a potential false narrative. Health disclosures from your breeders history are much more useful. Know who you’re buying from.
  • A health guarantee given by a breeder can simply be a legal document and outline limitations on what your breeder might feel obligated to do for you. Know who you’re buying from.



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