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Should I crate train my puppy?

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Absolutely! Puppies like the security of feeling like they are in a den. It should be their “safe” place where they sleep and gives your puppy a place to be when you have to go out. Crate training makes house training much easier as well. Your puppy will have been introduced to a crate however this will be his first time away from his siblings. The first night is likely to be the worst so be patient, it’ll get better. It is VERY important to make sure he is tired and pottied when you put him in the crate. No food or water during the night. He may cry for a while but DO NOT let him out. If the crying becomes hysterical try tapping loudly on the top of the crate or covering the door with a towel. If he wakes up during the night, take him outside but put him back in the crate as soon as he’s done. Puppy has to learn that night is for sleeping not eating or playing. Puppy should be able to sleep through the night by 10 weeks if not sooner. If that’s not happening try limiting or taking water away in the evening. If they are waking for a poop, start feeding the last meal later not earlier.

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